Customer Service

Knowledgeable customer service reps and sales staff are at the heart of our growing national support network.

In today’s challenging times, we believe companies need more service, not less. That’s why we increased our internal sales support and expanded our national network of regional sales and distribution centers.

Expanding Services and Sales Support 

We thrive on helping some of the most demanding customers in the world meet their operational goals. To ensure we provide the highest quality service, we increased customer support in three key areas:

  1. Strengthened our inside support team to dedicate a customer service representative (CSR) to each customer
  2. Expanded our regional sales teams to offer local services across the country
  3. Increased our warehousing and distribution network to allow customers to order on an as-needed basis, reducing their overheads

Knowledgeable Customer Service Reps

When you call ESP, you speak to your own CSR – an experienced, knowledgeable person who learns your particular needs. Our CSR team knows sorbents inside out. They can help you select the best product for your needs.

Expert Sales Support

Located across the country, our regional sales staff understand sorbents. Draw on their expertise. They can help you with:

  • sales education
  • leads
  • joint sales calls
  • product samples
  • sales support materials

Reducing Customer Overheads

Our 85,000 square-foot Chicago-area facility, which includes one of the largest inventories of spill-control products in the Midwest, supplies our cross-country distribution network. This makes for an easier purchasing cycle. You don’t need to carry large inventories. That can make a big difference today in reducing your overhead costs.

Faster Shipping

Our Chicago manufacturing center operates 24/7. We maintain regional inventories across the country. As a result, 95% of orders are shipped within 24 hours. We also handle emergency shipping requests.

Distribution Network

Our expanded warehouse and support network includes hubs in:

  • Atlanta
  • Chicago
  • Jackson
  • Las Vegas
  • Miami
  • New York
  • Seattle
  • Toronto

Ensuring Reliable High Quality Products

We take quality control very seriously. It’s the cornerstone of our product research and continuous innovation. That’s why we maintain full-time quality control staff and a dedicated In-house testing lab.

We test continuously throughout the production process to ensure that our high standards are maintained. All our products are measured against internationally accepted ASTM Test Method 726. Our absorbencies are stated in statistical averages. 

No Order Too Small – From a single bale to a full truckload, we’ll ship what you need.

Same-Day Shipping – We offer extensive same-day shipping through our expanding network of distribution centers.

Drop Shipments – No need to even handle ESP products – we’ll drop ship directly to your customers.

Custom Orders – As a manufacturer, we can customize products to meet your specific needs.

Private Labeling – Want your name on our high-performance products? Ask about our private labeling program. 

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