Pillows, Pans and Particulate

Fast-wicking solutions for tight spaces and special clean-ups.

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Pillows White Oil-only

Fast wicking and highly absorbent, these pillows absorb oil-based drips and leaks that are too large for a pad.

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Pillows Gray Universal

Containing a blend of chopped polypropylene and natural recycled ColdForm2™ fibers, these pillows squeeze into tight spaces to soak-up oil- and water-based liquids.

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Pillows Yellow HazMat

Designed for quick response in emergency clean-ups, these pillows can absorb a broad range of hazardous and aggressive liquids, including coolants, solvents and acids.

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Pillows and Pans White Oil-only

High-performance pillows absorb oil-based spills and the re-usable drip pans has a drain to release water.

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Pillows and Pans Gray Universal

High-capacity pillows absorb drips of oil- and water-based liquids from leaky equipment, and the drip pans can contain some overspill when pillows are saturated.

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Pillows and Pans Yellow HazMat

Pillows quickly absorb toxic liquids including coolants, solvents and acids as well as oil- and water-based spills while drip pans safely protect underlying surfaces.

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Crumble Pans White Oil-only

Containing an oil-absorbing particulate instead of a pillow, these covered pans are a great option when you want to avoid contact with the absorbed liquids.

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Crumble Pans Gray Universal

All-in-one covered pan filled with universal sorbent is ideal to use when you want to make sure the soaked particulate does not spill during replacement.

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Net Bag Pillows White Oil-only

Filled with chopped poly sorbents, these are great for use in hard-to-reach places such as deep sump holes where you need to soak up oil-based leaks and spills.

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Particulate White Oil-only

A versatile water-resistant sorbent made from 100% polypropylene that can be spread over large areas either on land or water to clean up viscous oils.

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Particulate Gray Universal

An excellent packing material when moving or shipping oily products or oil- and water-based fluids that may leak, it can also be spread over large areas for quick clean ups.

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Particulate Yellow HazMat

The fast-wicking and high-absorption of our HazMat particulate means faster clean-up of toxic spills. Also a great packing material.

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