Secondary Containment

Specialized products help you meet environmental regulations.

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Drain Seals

Flexible polyurethane pads prevent oil, sediments and other contaminants from flowing into storm drains, sewers and catch basins.

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Bright yellow polydrums are ideal to store or transport soiled absorbents, large, leaky containers and corrosive or hazardous materials.

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Pop-up Pools

Compact when folded and designed to resist aggressive chemicals, these 100% polypropylene basins expand to capture leaks from tanks and hydraulic lines.

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Spill Berms

Reusable and chemically resistant, these flexible urethane berms can be shaped to contain or redirect spills away from sensitive areas.

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Spill Pallets

These economical all-polyethylene pallets, available in 2- and 4-drum models, meet EPA and Uniform Fire Code Spill Containment Regulations.

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Storm Sentinels

Lightweight screened bags can be placed in storm drains to prevent oil, sediment and various pollutants from flowing into drains and sewers.

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Work Stations

Create easy-to-clean workstations or filling stations with 100% UV-resistant polyethylene single units or multiple units linked together.

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