Air Matrix™

Premium oil-only sorbents made with top-quality recycled synthetic materials offering high absorbency and well as high chemical and water resistance.

Air Matrix™



The quality difference – and its impact on performance

For people looking for recycled synthetic sorbents, Air Matrix™ – along with its partner product line Ultraclean™– offer high-performance alternatives to traditional polypropylene meltblown.

Air Matrix™ provides exceptionally high water and chemical resistance and is superior to competing products in terms of its oil absorption. While some manufacturers use pulverized polypropylene scraps, Air Matrix™ contains only high-quality, high-value, ultra-long recycled polypropylene fibers. 

The result is a product that is stronger and more absorbent than industry-standard because product quality in sorbents is largely determined by the size and consistency of the fibers combined with “high loft” or air space around the fibers.

The benefits of air-laid construction

Air-laid construction creates a consistent, extra strong, highly absorbent internal web structure. In addition, Air Matrix™ products have tough, top and bottom cover sheets to reduce lint and increase durability.

The high-quality recycled materials, combined with ESP’s unique manufacturing process and rigorous quality control systems, make Air Matrix™ exceptionally soft and drapable. 

Air Matrix™ resists water but quickly absorbs oil-based fluids including oils, gasoline, kerosene and diesel fuel.

Air Matrix is also available in Xtra weights.

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Air Matrix™ Laminated

High-capacity absorbency with great chemical resistance — great strength, very soft and drapable, no lint.

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This premium oil-only synthetic alternative is made from only high-value, high-quality 100% recycled polypropylene. It is extremely strong, virtually lint free and very soft and drapable. Exceptional oil absorbency and chemical and water resistance combine with superior liquid retention to make it an industry leader.

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