Our flagship line of versatile, high-tech, high-performance sorbents made from high quality recycled and renewable natural materials.




A ground-breaking earth-friendly alternative to traditional sorbents

In 2006, the signs began emerging that rising oil prices would lead customers to look for alternatives to traditional meltblown sorbents. Meltblown polypropylene, the mainstay of the industry, was simply becoming too expensive.

ESP recognized the need to develop a more cost-effective alternative. As a result, in 2007 we launched ColdForm™ – the industry’s first high-performance sorbent made from recycled natural and renewable materials.


A win/win breakthrough

This ground-breaking new product line uses natural and renewable materials in place of expensive petrochemical-based polypropylene resin. The manufacturing process itself uses less energy than meltblown, which literally needs to melt the resin to create fibers. ColdForm™, on the other hand, forms the material using a "cold" process. The result: reduced oil dependency, increased energy efficiency and stable pricing.

We launched ColdForm2™ following a series of product upgrades. Today, it sets the industry standard for recycled natural sorbents, outperforming traditional meltblown products and delivering great value to customers worldwide. 

ColdForm2™ has grown to become a product line including four very different families – Bonded Natural, Single-sided Laminated, Laminated and Fine Fiber – offering both oil-only and universal pads and rolls. 

These four families are also available in Xtra weights.

To round out the ColdForm2™ line, we also offer ColdForm2™ drum tops, Xtra socks and a full range of Spill Kits.

As an alternative to traditional polypropylene meltblown, ColdForm2™ offers:

  • higher performance
  • lower costs
  • greater price stability
  • less dependence on oil-based products.

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ColdForm2™ Bonded Natural

Highly versatile and economical — highest recycled content

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A “natural” winner combining great performance with great price, these versatile pads and rolls are made with up to 97% natural fibers. Extremely soft and drapable, this product makes a great wiper. In some cases, it is tough enough to be wrung out and reused.


ColdForm2™ Single-Sided Laminated

Best all-round performer — top spun bond cover adds strength and reduces lint, uncovered side slips less on floors.

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A great low-lint, mid-range product, this natural sorbent is the most popular of our ColdForm2™ families. It offers great strength along with many of the benefits, including reduced linting, of a double-sided laminate but at a lower cost. Pads and rolls are perforated.


ColdForm2™ Laminated

Strong, no lint — double-sided abrasion-resistant covers, UV protection.

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This lint-free natural high-performance product is one of the toughest sorbents on the market. Abrasion-resistant sonic-bonded covers are laminated to the highly absorbent ColdForm2™ core. ESP’s amazing SpillLock™ technology makes the gray universal a leak-resistant solution for water-based spills. Pads and rolls are perforated.


ColdForm2™ Fine Fiber

Utlimate hybrid — highest quality meltblown fine fiber covers plus high-performance ColdForm2™ core.

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The ultimate hybrid, these sorbents combine the best of ColdForm2™ and meltblown technologies. The highest quality fine-fiber polypropylene covers are bonded to an extremely absorbent ColdForm2™ core – making them a high-performance, look-a-like alternative to pure meltblown. Pads and rolls are perforated.

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