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All meltblown is not created equal

While meltblown polypropylene sorbents produced by various manufacturers may all look quite similar, they are not. 

Manufacturers can use different technologies to produce meltblown sorbents. Exxon Technology is widely recognized as the superior system. At ESP, we use this technology exclusively.

Our meltblown lines produce very fine fibers, which is absolutely critical. Product quality in meltblown sorbents is determined by the size and consistency of the fibers combined with “high loft” or air space around the fibers.

When a job demands the best

We manufacture products to meet the exacting standards of the medical and air filtration industries, and the same technology and quality control systems are used to produce every one of our meltblown sorbents.

ESP’s meltblown sorbents, especially our booms and sweeps, have also found a place on the front lines of the century’s worst environmental disaster. Not only are they highly absorbent, they are strong enough to withstand very tough environmental conditions.

What makes ESP’s meltblown unique?

Highest Absorbency – Pound for pound, ESP’s meltblown offers some of the highest absorbency in the market.

Super Water-resistant White – Our oil-only meltblown absorbs virtually no water.

High Loft – Exceptionally high loft means greater absorbency.

Consistently High Quality Rigorous quality control testing throughout production ensures premium quality.

High UV Resistance – Excellent for outdoor applications.

Three Families – Available in three distinct lines and a range of weights:

  •  Sonic Bonded
  •  Laminated
  • Fine Fiber

These three families are also available in Xtra weights.

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Meltblown Sonic Bonded

Economical, versatile go-to product — dimpled uncovered surface, reliable absorbency.

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This mainstay of the sorbent industry is constructed from a single layer of high-quality, uniform polypropylene fibers “sonically” bonded together. This process creates dimples that add strength and reduce linting. Pound for pound, this product offers the greatest absorbency of the meltblown family. Pads and rolls are perforated.


Meltblown Laminated

Strong — no lint, tear resistant, spun-bond covers for added strength.

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If the job demands a soft, lint-free, durable meltblown sorbent, our Laminated meltblown pads and rolls are the answer. They deliver the highest strength of the meltblown line. Strong spun-bond covers resist rips and abrasions, even when soaked. They also withstand moderate foot and forklift traffic. Pads and rolls are perforated.


Meltblown Fine Fiber

Fast wicking and highly absorbent — premium quality fine fiber covers.

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Precision-engineered and manufactured to maximize loft and absorbency, our premium-grade Fine Fiber meltblown sorbents provide high absorbency. Premium fine fiber covers provide low lint and fast wicking. They are ultrasonically bonded to a high-loft meltblown core. Pads and rolls are perforated.

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