Premium universal sorbents designed for medical and clean room environments made with top quality recycled synthetic materials and delivering lint-free, leak-resistant performance. 




High capacity performer to meet the most demanding challenges

Ultraclean™ is an innovative new universal product line that outperforms virtually all traditional meltblown sorbents. Made from a blend of recycled synthetic fibers, Ultraclean™ has a highly absorbent core, strong cover sheets and a smooth, undimpled surface.

Ultraclean™ combines superior strength with lint-free, balanced performance (absorbing oil and water equally) and good chemical resistance. It also contains SpillLock™, which soaks up 150 times its weight and turns absorbed water-based spills into a leak-resistant gel.

Three Families – Available in three distinct universal lines and a range of weights:

  •  Industrial Laminated
  •  Poly-backed Industrial Laminated

Also available in Xtra weight as white universal:

  •  Xtra Pure Laminated 

Designed for medical and clean-room applications

Ultraclean™ Xtra Pure sorbents are white, which breaks the standard product color code for sorbents. The product line was specifically designed for medical and clean-room applications that demand exceptionally high performance.

The high-tech, Xtra Pure absorbs oil- and water-based liquids equally, and offers extremely high absorption capacity. It is lint-free, which makes it ideal for operating theatres and clean-rooms. It is also very soft, which makes it versatile enough for delicate equipment or personal hygiene.

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Ultraclean™ Industrial Laminated

Superior strength and chemical resistance — no lint, wraps and folds easily, contains SpillLock™.

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This ultra-strong universal recycled synthetic offers an extremely absorbent Ultraclean™ core wrapped in tough spun-bond covers. Great for high-performance applications, this line is made from the highest quality recycled synthetic fibers. It delivers exceptional chemical resistance and is highly drapable.


Ultraclean™ Poly-Backed Industrial Laminated

Leak resistant, highly absorbent poly-backed product — medical-grade low-slip backing protects surfaces, contains SpillLock™.

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These ultra-durable synthetic laminated pads and rolls combine a very high recycled content – 72% – with super absorbency. The low-slip backing prevents liquids from contacting underlying surfaces. They contain ESP’s unique SpillLock™ fiber technology, which absorbs 150 times its own weight in water-based liquids.


Ultraclean™ Xtra Pure Laminated

Premium heavy weight, medical-grade high-capacity absorbent – no lint, white universal, contains SpillLock™

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Breaking the color code, these premium high-performance sorbents are white but universal in application. Made from 84% recycled high-quality synthetic fibers, they meet medical standards. SpillLock™ is added to these products which converts absorbed water-based spills into a leak-resistant gel.

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